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Mother Of Queens 11x14 Print

  • Mother Of Queens 11x14 Print
  • Mother Of Queens 11x14 Print

Mother of Queens - 11x14 limited edition print

The first new print of 2023!!

"She is the queen of Queens, the great cosmic Matriarch from which all insect queens learn their ways. A schism of mother nature herself, her psychic will bends mycelial threads to continue the established order."

I made this piece live at a festival that was heavily inspired by bees and their communal reliance. I was inspired by the strange relationships that social insects have with mushrooms. Many mushrooms can only grow in or around ant nests and termite hives, and bees drink the dew that forms on exposed mycelium to help bolster their immune system.

Knowing this, I like to imagine the queens of these insect species all communicating with the same cosmic entity. This is that cosmic entity, the one responsible for guiding these relationships.

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