Residency Sponsors

I have the most exciting news! I have been chosen to represent Eastern Canada at the Atelier international artist residency in Dangeau, France. Over 1400 international artists applied, and I was one of 14 chosen for the fall session!!

This is a huge opportunity for me. I am so excited to embark on my first international trip, to explore the european art work and also shine international light on the small but mighty art community of Frederciton, NB. The residency takes place from October 30th to November 14th. 

However this is a huge commitment and undertaking, as it is not a paid residency. 
So, in order to fund my way there I am asking for sponsorships from the community to help support my journey. 

All sponsors are shown below, and will be listed on my social media as well :) 

When I arrive to the residency I will broadcast live and thank everyone who helped make this dream come true. 

Afterwards, I plan to host a gallery opening to show off the art pieces I created while abroad, and to showcase and thank the list of sponosors one last time. 

My goal is 7500$ and I will be updating the taly below every day when donations come in. 

Current donations: 


Max Brown
All-Tech Environmental